The Journey Begins

The Roving Eselpee is dedicated to my firstborn, Nathaniel. He has encouraged me through the years to take more photos. So, armed with a very poor phone camera and even worse eyesight, I am photographing my life. This blog is also dedicated to my mom, Harriet. Family lore has it that I began adventuring as soon as I could walk, and I walked at 9-months. My mom took the photo featured above. While it might not have been her favorite photo of me, she said it was the one that was the most like me, my back. She always supported my love of adventure.

Starting the life of a traveling allied health therapist (SLP) is the initiating event of this blog. I gave 30-days’ notice at my job at Silver City Care Center in Silver City NM, took a job with CompHealth, and August (pictured in my Mimbres backyard below) and I left home. I chose CompHealth because they gave me a deadline to start.

August in Mimbres close up

I loved the Silver City area. It is a diverse, charming town nestled in the Gila wilderness of SW New Mexico. The people wonderful, it has good restaurants, and the best weather in the world (according to Joanne, my next door neighbor). I will miss it. Below is a photo of the Mimbres Valley where I lived for 18-months.

Hike home

I am doing a major downsizing. I started a family – of the five most amazing people ever – in 1980 and settled into an angle of recline. A household can accumulate abundance in 35 years that is relatively easy to part with, but my mother’s death contributed many items of deep sentimental value. Most of it is going. This is a painful labor. I have been in the fetal position deeply focused on the best of NetFlix to find respite from the pain. There were other bad things that I am not yet prepared to talk about contributing to the angst. Doing this while working full time then getting sick (an upper respiratory infection) was possible only because a friend showed up to put the stuff in a yard sale for cancer. I persevered because I believe this is the best decision for me.

The charge for my travel company is to send me to places I’ve never been to explore places I’d like to see. I googled The Most Beautiful Places in USA as a starting point. The placements are typically 13-weeks. I get benefits, some tax-free, and they get (and pay for) the licenses, certificates, etc. needed to work in each state. I completed an astonishing amount of paperwork and agreed to go to Carlsbad NM In addition to Carlsbad Caverns, recommended excursions to Bottomless Lake, Bitter Lakes, and the Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park (thanks, Laura) are planned. This is an 8-week placement. Meanwhile, the travel company gets me set up to the first place on my bucket list, the Northwest.

I also intend to do an Immersion program in Guatemala. They have developed a cottage industry of teaching gringos to speak Spanish. The schools include cultural immersion and exposure to the socioeconomic issues of the area. The tuition is more than reasonable and contributes to the schooling of the children in the community.

So, Nate, there will be photos in your future!


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