The Journey Begins!


This blog is dedicated to my son, Nate, who has always asked for more photos. My camera is sketchy, eye-sight poor, and I have never been one to take snap shots, but stranger things have happened. It is also dedicated to my mother, Harriet Hammond, who took the official blog photo. While it may not have been her favorite, she said this was the one that was most reminded her of me. From the time I could walk, I liked to go adventuring. And she always let me. 
The plan is to spend about 13 weeks working in each location. My itinerary is a Google list of “The most Beautiful Places in the USA”. I also hope to go to Guatemala for a Spanish Immersion program during the first year. I am doing my first placement in the Carlsbad NM school district with CompHealth - because they gave me  deadline. When things calm down, I will research companies more thoroughly. Several short-listed travel companies advertise that they are “Pet Friendly”, which is a big selling point for my co-pilot, Mr. August.
August in Mimbres close up
Well, before the journey can begin one needs to leave everything behind. I find it very difficult to leave Silver City. It is beautiful with temperate weather and full of wonderful people who I will truly miss.
Hike home
It has also been a struggle trying to organize a complete paradigm shift while working full-time, battling the medical system, and downsizing, but I suppose that is just the nature of the beast. I have so many good reasons to be taking this plunge, but parting with things and beings that have great meaning to me is very painful. 
Dr Ratliff, said he could be my cardiologist long-distance. He can apparently order what I need wherever I am. I should have my PT/INR meter any day now and Dr. Ratliff can help me with anticoagulation. He and his nurse, Jessie, have been really great!
Yesterday was the bittersweet goodbyes to my colleagues. There was food, special treats, and gifts. Faith called me before I was home for just one more farewell piece of paperwork. It was actually a pleasure. I have really enjoyed those I worked with at Silver Care and Lordsburg: in Rehab, Nursing, Activities, Administration, and my Residents. I have learned so much from all – thank you!
My friend, Rebecca, and her husband stopped by today to help me with downsizing. I was shell-shocked and only beginning to recover from an URI, but she was calm and helpful. My memories will go to good causes in her hands. 
I leave in the morning and start work Monday - then actually move to my Phoenix  Tax Home on March 29th(with my roomie, Carrie). I will hopefully then get a driver's license and a new PCP, and then return to Carlsbad (NM). At this point I should be able to see the caverns, Bottomless Lake (thanks, Laura), the Judd Foundation (thanks, Delia), and the smell of oil fields – the smell which transports my neighbor, Joanne, back to her childhood there. If you have more suggestions, post them!
There will be photos, Nate!
Well, I am going to hit "post" and see what this blog looks like...

4 thoughts on “The Roving Eselpee

  1. Love this! Thanks for the updates! Can’t wait to read about your adventures! You’re so brave! I wanna be just like you when I grow up!


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